Best 5 example How To Stop Negative Overthinking

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how to stop negative overthinking

First of all, understand that overthinking (how to stop negative overthinking) is not a bad thing. All the great scientists who have lived till date used to think many times more than you. That thinking too much is not a problem, even thinking is not a problem, if you stop thinking in your life, then what will be the difference between you and animals.

The only difference between us and animals is that they cannot think and we can think (how to stop negative overthinking). We can think and by thinking we can save animals from them. So thinking is not a problem of any kind. But when it comes to wrong thinking, wrong thinking (how to stop negative overthinking) is wrong.

What is overthinking?

overthinking If you write this word carefully, 2 words are attached to it – first world over (more) and second word thinking (thinking). What is this idea, if it is a positive thought, then we do not have any kind of problem After seeing all the thoughts, check them and take action on them, this does not cause us any kind of problem, no matter how much time is spent for it because it adds some value to our life.

And when the word is a negative thought, due to which we get upset. We start feeling negative in ourselves and due to which we do not see any hope and because of all these we are not able to take any kind of action and our overthinking moves us in our trap in such a way that action is worth taking. Can’t find And this is called the overthinking problem.

Why is the problem of overthinking felt?

The rule of our mind is like attrack like. That is, the brain that we have keeps searching for common ideas. If our first thought is negative, then the second thought that comes to our mind will be negative. If you unite your first thought, you can avoid the idea of ​​overthinking.

For example- As someone you have to go for an interview then as soon as you saw the advertisement for the interview and the first thought in your mind if positive I Oh wow what a good opportunity, I will be selected. This first thought is positive for you and this thought will motivate you and the second thought that will come is that let me look on the internet or do interview preparation or take advice from a senior.

That is, the thoughts that are arising are positive thoughts and we will call it planning. In this you yourself are motivated, hopeful and positive. Even if you are thinking more than necessary, it is still beneficial for you.

If you also saw this advertisement, the first thought that came to your mind was negative, there is such a low vacancy, all the people will apply, I don’t know if it will be mine nowadays, then recommendation seems to be a job. This is the first thought if you have a negative (how to stop overthinking) which will weaken you and the second thought that comes will also come as a negative thought and after that after such thoughts you will not want to take action yourself.

And then you will get stuck in that negative thought in this way and you will find yourself laziness, tired, headache, not taking action, etc. The full meaning of you overthinking is that you get completely stuck in how to stop negative overthinking.

What is negative thinking or what is wrong thinking?

I am talking about negative thinking, what is it, maybe it is right for someone. Whatever is thinking above you believe (negative overthinking) there is negative overthinking. And the reality which is based on reality is right thinking.

On whom are our beliefs based – so our beliefs are based on illusions. And there is no need to believe in what is real.

In reality there is no place for faith. We believe in places that don’t really exist. If you have told anything and you have asked and you are thinking anything on that basis. Sometimes look inside yourself and see what you think on the basis of belief or on the basis of reality. 99 percent of what we think is based on belief.

For example, whether God is there or not, I ask you this question whether it is a reality or is it a belief, then most of these people or else you will say that it is reality while it is not so, in reality there is God, no one knows. No and someday God comes in your experience, then say that God then you will not even have to speak, you will see it in your eyes.

If we think on the basis of reality then our mind/mind gets cleared. We can see, understand, test things, there is any kind of confusion in the mind.

If we think on the basis of faith, then there is a blending in it. Because you believe on the basis of the book or you believe on the basis of what your parents said. If there is another person who belongs to another religion and he has read about the same in some other book, then there are chances of quarrels due to differences between the two.

and  If there is a conflict outside, there will be a conflict inside as well. The mind with conflict is called the problematic mind. The mind in which there is no conflict is called a clear mind – and what is called a clear mind, then a clear mind is called that which we speak on the basis of reality.

how to stop negative overthinking ?

We can reduce our thinking from the fact that it is our belief or what is the reality if it is our belief and it will end only by understanding that it is our belief and there is no one else who forces our mind to think. If we believe that this is our belief then this negative thought which is our thought will also automatically go away from our mind to understand that this is not our reality, it is our belief.

Example 1 . how to stop overthinking horror movie

if we talk about a horror movie, ghosts, then we can not sleep at night and we understand till late night about the same dirty thoughts (how to stop negative overthinking) or different types of thoughts till night. Live while that thinking is on our faith. If we do not believe in it, then that thinking will also end, so we do not have to believe in faith, but to see whether it is faith or real. After which our negative overthinking will automatically go away from us.

Example 2 .how to stop overthinking relationships

If any person who is with us is right or wrong. This question keeps running in our mind many times. Is she good or is she bad. So I would like to say that there is no such person in the world who are good and good people, there is evil in them and those who are the worst people also have some good in them.

But on the basis of which you are thinking good and bad about him, it can also be an illusion. So how do you know whether it is an illusion or real? To know this, first of all, you will know by sitting with him and talking well. Whether you can ask him directly or you can ask him indirectly.

Example 3 .how to stop overthinking jealousy ?

So any thing or doubt remains in the mind, don’t let it stay there because it keeps giving tension by staying in one place. If you have any evil in your mind for someone, if there is any hatred, then remove it, finish it ask away) or

Then your thoughts are very dirty for him, then to remove that dirty thought or thought, you should stay alone in your room and scream, take out all the anger.

Example 4 .how to stop overthinking Sprawl-brawl ?

Or if there is a desire to harm someone, then nothing will go to him, but it will be your loss. First of all you have to clear your mind, you have to understand this. And this is the biggest mistake we make, we keep wrong thoughts to bring them down. Maybe you have a fight with someone and he kept fighting with you till the end and remained angry with you till his death and you made a mistake with him. You are apologizing to him, yet he is not forgiving you.

In such a situation, you have to clear your mind first, you have to forgive yourself first. If he didn’t do this, then it was his fault, he would keep cursing himself inside and inside.

If someone is doing this to you, then you do not have to clear his mind that he should not be jealous of you, for this you should clear your own mind that no jealousy should arise in me.

Example 5 .how to stop overthinking Compare ?

how to stop negative overthinking || how to stop overthinking
how to stop negative overthinking || how to stop overthinking

If someone is comparing himself with himself, then his problem is that you should not compare him with anyone else. Where if you start comparing then you get stuck due to which it is possible that your ego will increase, or if you put yourself down, then your self-respect will decrease, so neither do we have to understand less than anyone nor To understand more than anyone.

This is something basic of our life, if we understand it, then there will be no dirty thoughts negative thought or inferior thinking (how to stop negative overthinking || how to stop overthinking) in life.

What is the value of overthinking?

how to stop negative overthinking || how to stop overthinking This is not a small question because there is nothing bigger in life than this. The value of our thinking is that your inner world becomes absolutely clear, this is called happiness and what is more happiness than this? Which clears your mind completely.

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