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Hello friends, welcome to our post Hill Station Near Rajnandgaon. Friends, if you are a resident of your Rajnandgaon district or a district or village around Rajnandgaon district, and you are in the village itself and around the station, then through this post you are going to give information about the hill station of Rajnandgaon. Huh .

Friends, it has taken a long time to collect information about hill station Rajnandgaon because there is no information about it in the internet nor any kind of video, for this it will tell the people living in Rajnandgaon district. This type of information has been received only after doing this and asking them, so it has taken me at least 3 or 4 hours to write this post.

And with this hope, I can claim that after reading this post, you will not need to read anyone else, in such a simple and easy language style, we have given you information about Hill Station Near Rajnandgaon in this post of yours. Let’s collect information about Hill Station Near Rajnandgaon :-

Hill Station Near Rajnandgaon List

Hill Station Near Rajnandgaon information is given below, which you can read and visit these places to visit or spend time, which are as follows: –

1. Pahari Path Temple

Friends, Pahadi Path Hill Station Rajnandgaon is a wonderful place to visit. This is a very beautiful person who has fallen from the forest, where a fair is held twice every year, first Mera Chait in Navratri and the second fair is held here on the occasion of Mahashivratri. It is situated in the middle of dense forests. Here on the occasion of Chek Navratri and Mahashivratri, the lamp is lit by the devotees, which is called Jawara in Chhattisgarhi language, the lamp of faith is lit.

This place is situated in the village named Joratarai Mangata of Rajnandgaon district. The distance from Dalli Rajhara to Joratarai is about 85 kms. The distance from Balod to Joratarai is about 75 kms. The distance from Rajnandgaon to Joratarai is about 25 kms. m. The distance from Durg to Joratarai is about 25 kms. m. The distance from Raipur to Joratarai is about 25 kms. m. The distance from Mudhipar to Joratarai is about 03 kms. m. The distance from Somani to Joratarai is about 10 kms. It is located at a distance of how many kilometers, so after seeing its location, you must come here to visit and take advantage of it.

Rajnandgaon Hill Station has a temple in which Jai Shree Pahadi Path Dev Shree is located, which sits in the central part of it, where devotees come here to worship these deities as well as roam around. Apart from this, there is also the establishment of Mother Goddess Durga, which is located at the other end of the sanctum sanctorum, besides this, the idol of Lord Shankar is established here and Shivling is also established here.

If you come here, a rest complex has been built to stay here, where you can rest here if you are tired from a long distance in a very beautiful way. Apart from this, there is a water system here. which attracts more

If you come from other district to visit Rajnandgaon ke hill station, then you can either arrange food with you or there is a hotel arrangement in nearby places where you can arrange your food. If you want to take a night rest then you have to go to the nearby hotel or restaurant and check out which is almost at a distance of Rajnandgaon from this village.

address – GG4V+F6J, Nandgaon Marg, Nawagaon, Chhattisgarh 481222

2. Dongargarh ( chhattisgarh) Hill Station

Dongargarh is a popular hill station located in the Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh state, India. It is known for its natural beauty and religious significance as it is home to several Hindu temples including the famous Maa Bamleshwari Devi Temple. The temple is situated on the top of the hill and is a major tourist attraction.

The hill station offers panoramic views of the surrounding valley and is a popular destination for nature lovers, trekkers and pilgrims. Dongargarh is also famous for its hot springs which are believed to have medicinal properties. The hill station is easily accessible by road and is a popular weekend getaway from Rajnandgaon and nearby towns.

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3. Bhavani Mata Temple

Address: 491445 maa bhawani dongari, purana karela, Dhara, Chhattisgarh 491445

Rajnandgaon Hill Station number comes at number three Bhavani Mata Temple it is famous as Karela Bhavani. This is the third number station of Rajnandgaon district. A fair is organized here every year on the occasion of Navratri, where lakhs of devotees come to the court of Mata to fulfill their wishes.

Mata Bhavani Devi is seated in the central part of Bhavani Karela temple. It is situated in the midst of dense forests. Where you can go to see Mata Bhavani through sidiyo to climb, because it is in the middle of the dense forests, animals, animals, birds and monkeys are mostly found here, which are given by the people coming. eat fruits.

Being in the middle of dense forests, it looks very attractive and captivating. This temple of Bhavani Karela temple is completely open in the upper part where chirping of birds is heard.

If you come for sightseeing, there is no arrangement for overnight stay here as it is situated in a rural area. If you want to take night rest then you can take rest in Rajnandgaon hotels or you can take rest in Khairagarh hotels or you can take rest in dongerh hotels. You can make arrangements for food here through the hotel which is located in the local area.

Drinking water has been arranged in its upper part where you can drink water here after taking some rest. And you can visit this temple if you want to visit the hill station of Rajnandgaon and enjoy this natural dense forests along with the darshan of Mata. It remains open 24 hours, coming here at night is not free from danger, so come here to visit during the day time only.

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4. Danteshwari Temple,Churia,Rajnandgaon,

Rajnandgaon Hill Station coming in number 4 danteswari mandir, churiya, rajnandgaon. It is hill station. This hill station is situated at a distance of 45 kilometers from Rajnandgaon. It is located at a distance of 5 km from NH 6 National Highway, 45 km from Rajnandgaon district. Maa Danteshwari is seated in this temple and the idol of Hanuman ji is installed at the topmost part.

It is surrounded by dense forests, as well as adequate arrangement of stairs has been made to reach it, from which it can be easily reached and reached. Apart from this, arrangements for drinking water and a little rest have also been made in the central part of this temple. Here on every Chet Navratri and Kwar Navratri, a Navratri fair is held which lasts for 9 days. Devotees come here to fulfill their vows and to fulfill their wishes at Danteshwari Temple Hill Station, Rajnandgaon.

If you want to come to Danteshwari Temple Churiya then you will not have any problem of transportation. You can come here with ease via bus or via motorbike. Complete transport facility is available here. Apart from this, if you come from far away, arrangements for food and drink can be made in nearby hotels. If you are thinking of taking a night’s rest, there is no place or hotel available here to take a night’s rest.

Apart from this, arrangements for food and drink will be available to you at the nearby Chichola restaurant. So definitely come once to the hill station of Rajnandgaon.

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दोस्तों यदि आप इन जगहों पर आना चाहते हैं तो आप एक अपने साथ में लोकल व्यक्ति को जरूर रखिएगा. ताकि वह आपको आसानी के साथ में एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर विजिट करवा सके. क्योंकि जब भी हम कोई नया जगह पर जाते हैं तो हमें उस जगह के बारे में नॉलेज नहीं होता है और कई बार ऐसे भी परिस्थितियां आ जाती हैं कि हमें जंगली जानवरों से भी सामना करने को पड़ सकता है तो इस कारण से जब भी आपकी जगह पर आते हैं तो अपने साथ दें एक लोकल व्यक्ति को गाइड के रूप में जरूर रखें.

उम्मीद करता हूं दोस्तों आप सभी लोगों को मेरा यह प्लाट पोस्ट पसंद आया होगा. यदि यह ब्लॉग पोस्ट आप सभी लोगों को पसंद आ गया होगा तो आप इसे अपना रेटिंग दे सकते हैं. रेटिंग जितना आप हमें अच्छा देंगे हम उतना ही अच्छा मोटिवेशनल स्टोरीज और इसी प्रकार से कंटेंट आपके लिए लाते रहेंगे क्योंकि आपका रेटिंग ही हमें मोटिवेशन करता है आगे अच्छे कंटेंट लिखने के लिए तो प्लीज अपना रिव्यू जरूर दें.


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