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Is there competition and comparison that increases and decreases intelligence?

The program already for us since childhood is that of competition and comparison. Competition is in school, whether it is at home, it is very good in studies and you are useless, how well he plays, why can’t you play, he looks so good, why do not you see competition and comparison, has it happened to our mind? programming.

Even if we want, we cannot see this world without any competition, without comparing ourselves to someone else, or else we will compare someone else with ourselves and make him sit above us. Or else we will throw him down from us.

How to decrease intelligence

If you want to break this program, then a question has to be put in the middle, without them this programming does not break and you will go away in auto pilot, you will not understand what is the root of my problem? For example you have a small car and you saw that your neighbor has a small car he brought a bigger car he is an engineer from your friend and you are an engineer both do the same work and whenever you see his car Will you see what will happen?

Whenever you see his car, the comparison will come, he has it, I don’t have it And you will go on thinking about it, that Desire (how to increase iq) will become.

Now it has to be seen how this Desire will entice you. Did you see his car from him and your desire arose, I want a bigger car and your mind started thinking thinking that you started getting the imagination of that car. I want this I want I want.

You started taking the path which automatically takes that path according to the desire. When and how can it be obtained. How can I get it fast? At that time we are not seeing anything else, some other things we do not understand and will you go, after a few months you will go and finance a car.

You do not have the capacity to buy that car but the desire is very strong, he got it done. Finance your work and as you financed your savings, the remaining money was also invested in it as well as monthly payment was added to it. A huge part of your salary, 20 percent or 32 percent, started going to the stall every month.

Think if you have it, what can he do if he finds out about it? Let him understand that you have a fear of losing that car, if for some reason the car goes out of my hands, what will I do? Will I go to the society and show my face to the people? Arrived in a small car.

Then you got so much attachment in that car, if someone pulls a little bit in that car, there will be a fight, whatever happens, even then there is a problem. We are going by sticking to that car. What happened because of the adhesive? What happened because of the Desire? And you will go on getting stuck in the whole drive. This is just an example I have given.

And what will happen as soon as that thing is understood. Now you can not try to leave that job, if you leave that job then there will be problem in your installation. If your installation is cutting too much .

So what will the boss say to you that you have to work more than two to three hours a day, can you refuse it to your boss? No you cannot refuse it because you are completely trapped and you will not be able to understand that because of what you are trapped. A fear will arise in you. What will happen to me if I leave this job and for three to four months I do not get a job elsewhere? From where will I give EMI? Where will my household expenses come from? , How would it happen ? , How will ? And you will go away as soon as you get stuck.

Your Desire has trapped you through the Boss. And after that, as you go on increasing and the more torture you have there, where do you take it out on your family in your house, you will get angry on your wife, I do not know that there is so much pressure on me, in me How much tension?

Who created this tension? Where because of your desire, if you spread your legs with more sheets than necessary, then the problem started, now how can you get out of this problem?

How to stop your Desire ?

There is also a solution of how we can get out of this problem, whenever and whenever some desire arises in our mind, I also want this big car or if you have the urge to get anything inside you, then stop and ask yourself. Do you really want me? Or I want to buy it because of the competition because of the comparison.

Where you asked this question, you will come out of the complete detail of this whole in 1 second.
Your intelligence (how to increase intelligence) will come in the meantime. He can save you. Finished it before the Desire got up. Your intelligence (how to increase your intelligence) said that I do not want a car, I want freedom. I need freedom I don’t enjoy that job, I won’t have to kick you, I won’t even take a second to kick it. I want a stress free life, I want a tension free life.

There is no way for all these things where we are connecting with each other? What to do In this situation you have to leave that car. no problem with it

If you have made a mistake, take the car, sell it and if you get a buggy, then get rid of the problem.

What is the reason for having decrease intelligence

how to increase intelligence
how to increase intelligence

Desire is the biggest reason to rise but it is our mind that will never go in this direction. The whole game of Sarah is that our mind is the cause of our biggest trouble. What are people doing? Listening to your mind, loving with your heart but fearing God.

How to control mind?

To control the mind (how to increase iq) , we do not have to listen to the mind, but we have to listen to the talk of God. If we are loving with heart but we are afraid of God, then we have to do the opposite. We have to fear with heart and love God. It is the mind which is coming close to us completely, hold it carefully. If I get sick, don’t think that I should sit in front of God and think about how I got sick.

For example, you went to a wedding and you saw that you are eating a variety of different dishes and you have eaten the food with pleasure, it is because of your mind and what we have done, we have done to satisfy the hunger of our stomach. For tried to satisfy the hunger of his mind, it can never be erased.

You keep eating, keep eating and keep eating and you eat and eat, you have reached the hospital and you have reached God, what have you done?
God must be laughing too – what is you doing, if you see what is right your mind is doing to you.
This mind itself has to be controlled. What is the mind, the desire and attachment that is getting you done.

Wherever you meet one thing, one person, you stick to each other, then the happiness and sorrow that is there becomes your happiness and sorrow. He is happy if he is found and upset if he is not found. So who told you to stick, for example if you put you in a cage because of your car, you can leave that job? Neither you can stop him nor you can say anything to your boss, then the cage is not there. So if you do such work, what progress will you get? Where will you proceed? , Effect of work in relationship. Sara’s whole is connected to each other and we will go on getting trapped.

how to increase your intelligence

We have to create the design to be, that I want to be something, to be better than who I am today. If I am a painter then I want to be a good painter I want more it is a dangerous desire. The simple motive is that you must keep asking yourself some question or the other? What is Science?

If there was no question, there would be no science either. A man was sitting comfortably under a tree, an apple fell near him, he wondered why this apple comes down from above. Why doesn’t it go up?

What is a Question – Question is a Desire. Which will teach your intelligence (how to increase intelligence) . And there is a design of things that will reduce your intelligence.

Ask yourself a question why are we doing this? That I should see my neighbor’s car because I want that car too. I have my own desire, I have had my own conditioning since childhood. Since childhood, we have had this programming competition, competition, competition, comparison, comparison, comparison.

Will it be a lot of fun after sitting in that car?, is that life? Or is life something else? Like a cage of gold. Say no to any desire, it is like sleeping in a cage that imprisons us.

comparison of how to increase your intelligence and How to decrease intelligence

Great to ask questions that will increase your intelligence (how to increase intelligence) . In any work you have to ask questions. If you are in business, you will have to ask thousands of questions every day, what does my customer want? , What do you want ? To understand his conditions is to improve oneself.
One who has the habit of asking questions, why not go in any field, he will be successful (how to increase iq). No one can stop him.

For example, there are 2 students in a college, both of them one is reciting and one is understanding that concept. can solve the problem. And the one who kills is like a horse. Anyone who understands the basics can do anything. And Basic can be understood only by those who can ask questions. With the right kind of questions at the right place, the mind will go on sharpening (how to increase intelligence).

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