Best 2 Example How To Increase Your Memory Power

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What is the study which they are studying now and the test book does not have any elements in it and if elements come in it, then keep laughing and reading in it so that you can also remember the fun with ease. And we should not forget that studied thing. Is it possible? Yes I will say yes it is absolutely possible and easy too.

How do we learn? 

Now it will be easy to know that how do we learn? What is such a thing that we remember once and it never forgets us. If you have a comedy person who likes everyone like India Ka 3 Idiots and PK, people still can not forget the film. And even today, the whole story that is in the minds of people remembers that you and this story did not require any kind of rote.

Which is a good movie or whatever is good in our life and there are some good memories (brain power) and bad memories, what is the connection?

This is all a story, the things in which your feeling, your emotion are added, we never forget that movies. We do not remember what we see or read through theory because we could not connect any kind of joy and feeling emotion on that theory, due to which we do not remember it.

Or it is said that if you are watching any movie or any theory text book, then if you are not able to get the juice in it, then you will never remember it.

For example (How To Increase Your Memory Power)-

before the house you live in, it may be that you used to live in some other house, in childhood, the memories of that house that you have, where was the house? , how was it? It never forgets all the things. Still in our mind is in a fresh, fresh state, which we do not have to think at all that in that house there I was hurt, had fallen there from the stairs, my mother is that doctor. Had taken me near, there are some such memories attached to us and never forgets.

how to increase your memory power || how to improve your memory

1. Whatever is written in studies, do not read it through theory, do not make unnecessary stories and connect that story with yourself.

Now, to go into this little detail, let’s go deep: What is your study? First let’s understand this.

What is it that we read from morning till night? There are three things in it – one is the word (the word written in your book, the word found in the internet, the word shown in the internet is the same) pictures related to the same word are lying in the mind. Words do not understand by themselves, if there is a word that does not have any image in the memory in the mind, then you will not understand what it is?

So if you can’t understand then how will you remember? And remember it in such a way that it should not be forgotten.

The second is the number – and the third is the symbol

If we add an image with this number, then any story is given with that image and the character of that story or the hero of that story, based on this story, we can remember any type of number. .

Convert the symbol into that, there is any difficult formula related to the symbol, it is a formula that we can remember easily.

 improve your memory how will you do it?

First of all, make a story for this in your mind. Now you can close your eyes for a while. After closing, by becoming a hero in yourself, you have to imagine yourself with that actor so that he will easily remember you. Then you can add any of your subjects to this story.

For Example – Make a story of numbers from 1 to 5 .

how to increase your memory power
how to increase your memory power

Choose a simple word that is related to 1 word. Like we chose the word run for one .

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself that I (I mean you have to keep yourself) running for 1 hour, sweating like crazy all over my body. But there is no smell coming from that sweat, due to which I am running away. I am sweating as much as I am running and smelling so much and because of that fragrance I am running.

To hear a simple word attached to the word 2 – like we have heard the word ju for 2.

Zoo Main Gaya Hoon (I mean you have to keep yourself) There are only two cages inside this zoo Zoo is very big. There is a monkey and a monkey inside a cage and a cage is empty and there both the monkey and the monkey are dancing. The monkey is wearing a pink color dress and the monkey is naked. After that some officers came inside the zoo and after picking me up they put me in another cage. Now I am trapped inside the cage.

(With this you are adding your feeling to your imagination, what is coming to you, what is going on in your mind so that you enjoy imagining)

Choose a simple word that is related to 3 words. Like we’ve heard the word tree for 3.

You are lost in the desert. You have gone crazy here and there. Not even a drop of water was found and it has been 3 days. And after 3 days where there is only sand and the sky is there, you see 3 trees and 3 – 3 mangoes are planted on those three trees. (With this you are adding your feeling to your imagination, what is coming to you, what is going on in your mind so that you enjoy imagining)

connected by 4 words Choose a simple word. Like we’ve heard the word door for 4 .

You are standing in front of four doors, the first door is the smallest very small door so small that you can’t even go into it, it is 1 foot and the iron door is the cheapest, there is another door near it which is bigger than 2 feet That is the silver door. Along with it is another door that is bigger and bigger of gold. Gold door,

3-feet in the same way, if you get a gold door, then you can leave your studies, the fourth door is fitted with a diamond, the biggest of all three. (With this you are adding your feeling to your imagination, what is coming to you, what is going on in your mind so that you enjoy imagining)

Choose a simple word that is related to 5 words. Like we’ve heard the word high for 5 .

Imagine that there is a beehive in your house which is above the gas in the kitchen and whenever the gas starts, 5 bees come out of it and bite your finger. I am adding to my feeling, what is coming to you, what is going on in your mind, so that you enjoy imagining)

After imagining all these, if I ask you a question or any person will ask you a question, then you will already know the answer. And if any other type of question is asked from these questions, then you can also give the answer in an accurate way. Because no Imagination is ever forgotten because it becomes attachment with our mind.

If this Imagination has been repeated two to three times in a row, then you will remember who is the first that you cannot forget it for the rest of your life and that permanent will be sitting in your mind and if anyone questions like this, then its answer will be given to you. already know.

Apart from these questions, you may have many such maths questions, whether it is to remember the dates of geography, or physics formulas, or science formulas, chemistry formulas, you can easily imagine them by making humor and jokes. You can also simplify the formula larger than us.

And by adopting this imaging, you can increase your memory power (how to increase your memory power) in the beginning it will be a bit difficult but as you start making images by making stories in a fun way, in a humorous way and when you get that The questions will be remembered then you will want to do it again and again. Because where has it been that there has been a public opinion due to the practice of doing exercises.

Because its general meaning is that by doing any work continuously, we get experience of that work and by doing the same work again and again, we become proficient in that work and that work becomes easy for us. how to increase your memory power (how to increase your memory power pdf) becomes easy.

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