Rare Stories Of Buddha PART – 2 | How To Reach Your Goal

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Rare Stories Of Buddha  || How To Reach Your Goal

Once upon a time, a Buddha was going towards a village with some of his monks, and soon it became calm and he rested there during the night.

In the early morning, he along with his disciples gathered in the village to give his sermons in the village. People started waiting for Buddha to come to that one place to meet Buddha.

Buddha came in a short time and on the very first day he stayed for some time and after seeing all the people in the assembly, he left without any conversation with there.

Many people had gathered to listen to Buddha’s discourses and sermons. No one could understand Buddha’s coming and going in the meeting and seeing that Buddha left the meeting without saying anything, all the people were surprised.

Seeing the behavior of Gautam Buddha, no one answered any question. And after some time everyone left from there.

The next day the religious meeting was held again but the number of people in the meeting decreased significantly on the second day the number of people was 500. decreased from only about 100.

The Buddha who came to the meeting stood again, looked here and from there again went away without saying anything.

On the second day also, when Buddha did not preach anything, the people gathered in the meeting were surprised to see Buddha coming in this way and leaving without saying anything. But again no one asked any question.

On the third day a religious meeting was held again and this time the number of people was reduced further, this time there were only 50 people.

Meeting Buddha again came to the meeting, looked around for a few minutes and then left without saying anything.

This time some people got angry because but no one asked any question to Buddha.

The next day the meeting was held again and this time the number of people was further reduced . This time there were about 30 people

In the meeting, Buddha again came and stood in the meeting. Stayed there for a few minutes and left without looking here and there.

This time, the people did not stay away. This time again some people got angry. And some people even sitting in the meeting started murmuring.

from behind Buddha but Buddha did not answer any of the questions and left from there.

The next day the meeting was held again. And the number of people had decreased again. It was very little, this time there were only 10 people.

In the meeting held, the Buddha again came to the meeting but this

When Buddha took his seat and started preaching. Buddha gave him the knowledge of Dhamma. One was only listening to 10 teachings of Buddha and only 10 people out of 10 became Buddha’s disciples and later they spread the knowledge of Dhamma in different directions of the world.

One day someone asked Buddha why?

Did you leave the religious meeting?

Why did you leave the meeting every day without saying anything?

Buddha said – my dear I was looking for

The people who were really qualified. At first there were about 500 people. On the second day only 100 people were left.

gautam budh ke updesh || gautam buddha updesh in hindi || गौतम बुद्ध के उपदेश pdf || महात्मा बुद्ध के उपदेश || gautam buddha ke updesh
Rare Stories Of Buddha PART – 2

On the second day most of the people came there just because they had gathered there for fun.

He didn’t come to listen to my sermon but I was looking for people who were really worthy of my preaching, people who were really curious who could. To absorb and spread my knowledge. For many other days I went without speaking.

Because I wanted those 500 from the gathering. Some of the people elect. Those who were worthy of my preaching. The people I was really looking for. They wait for wisdom and patience to wait. Till the end and those who did not have the longing for knowledge and the patience to wait. they didn’t stop

If we look in our life, we will find that those who have the curiosity to get something and only the patience to wait, those people can achieve something. We all also have some goal in our life, and only those people who have patience reach on the desire to get something.

Those who do not have darshan leave to come to end the journey. Their journey in the middle of the way but those who have a strong desire to do something reach their destination and patience.

Friends, this Rare Stories Of Buddha teaches that you have to do in life, to be successful in life, whether you want to achieve your goal or, if you want to achieve your goal, then you should do that work with your patience and with full dedication. . And without concentration we cannot reach our goal, so keep concentration in the mind and achieve your goal.

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