The Truth Of Life – BUDDHA STORY | Rare stories of Buddha

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The Truth Of Life – A BUDDHA STORY || Rare stories of Buddha

The farmer was celebrating his harvest Thanksgiving.

Once upon a time, Buddha was going out for alms with his other companions. He reached a village with a large bag in his arms and a alms box in his hands.

Some people respected him as soon as he came to the village and some people gave way for him to come and some people greeted him with both their hands. Many Brahmins also lived in the same village.

The Brahmin became very angry seeing the Buddha coming. And said to Buddha in a loud angry voice – If you go ahead from here, it will be good for you. If instead of doing such work, he would go to the fields and plow, sow the seeds, and harvest the crop and say, then what is the cost of the grains?

I plow and sow and plow and sow I eat. If you did the same, you too would have something to eat.

Buddha answered him and said – Rahman I also plow and sow and plow and sow, I eat

A farmer standing nearby said to the brahmin do you claim to be a farmer’s man replied to the brahmin that then where are your bulls, where is the seed and the plow

Then Tathagata said – Faith is the seed I do good deeds, Knowledge is fertilizing like rain and Vinaya is the solution, My mind is the guiding rule which I hold to the handle of law. Honesty is the gold I use and labor is my ox, this plowing is plowed to destroy the weeds of illusion. The crop he produces is the immortal fruit of nirvana and thus all suffering ends.

After listening to this wisdom of Buddha, the brahmin poured rice milk in a golden bowl and said, “Blessed are you” and offered it saying that the teacher of mankind is ploughing part of the rice milk, respected Gautam Buddha, who is the plow of immortality. Gives fruits. You see in life in your life. Whatever you plow and sow in your mind that you will believe that I do good deeds, it rains that fertilize it. Knowledge and modesty are the solution. my mind is the guiding rule what the Buddha said here is the most important

Because you are the master of your universe my mind is the guiding rain, faith is the seed that I sow, good deeds are the rain that fertilizes it.

gautam budh ke updesh || gautam buddha updesh in hindi || गौतम बुद्ध के उपदेश pdf || महात्मा बुद्ध के उपदेश || gautam buddha ke updesh
The Truth Of Life – A BUDDHA STORY | Rare stories of Buddha

You are the master of your universe. if you have a dream believe in it good deeds towards that dream the rain that fertilizes it wisdom and modesty is the solution and your mind guiding rule

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