Rj Kartik Story In English (Story No 1)

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Rj Kartik Story in english

What to do if you don’t feel like doing something?

This story will teach you that in any work, whether it is studies, whether it is career, whether it is goal, target or any purpose, you can increase your concentration methods.

This story is of a Fakir Baba. About whom it was said that any thing was explained in a very interesting way in an innovative way, in a creative way and to whomever used to explain it, one thing would be remembered forever.

This thing about him gradually started becoming popular, he started getting fame, started becoming famous and this thing reached the king of that state while studying.

So the king said – there is such a great Baba, people are asking about him to go and meet him? Speak to your prime minister and prepare the whole army?

Dhol will go with drums and will pay respect to Baba ji and will come back from him after taking a little knowledge.

The Prime Minister said – okay whatever you say will happen.

One day was fixed. That day, along with the whole army, along with the drums, went out of his mind and reached that Baba ji’s ashram.

After going to the ashram, see that Fakir Baba is visible from his door. He himself has been a pit in his garden.

Seeing this, the king thought that he had become so great but he was working on digging the pit. He would get this work done by his disciples.

Then ignoring that matter, he called his General Secretary and said – Send some soldiers and tell Baba ji what to do. The Raja Sahib of this state of ours has come to meet you.

It seemed to the king that the fakir would jump with joy on seeing the king, would go mad with happiness, he would start thinking that the king has come to meet him. But according to the thinking of the king, nothing like this happened there.

The soldiers came to that fakir and said, Raja ji has come to meet you but the fakir did not pay heed to his words.

The soldiers came back and told the minister that they were not paying attention to their words. The minister came and told the king – The king felt very bad after listening to the minister.

The king felt that he was insulted. That is insulting me in front of my army. I came here to seek knowledge but I am getting insulted. Thinking of this, the king waited. That if it is free, then go to meet them. Have come this far.

But Baba ji was doing his work, this is what he was doing. The pit was being dug.

The king was watching all this standing outside the door, he felt very strange. The king said, start playing the drum, do you know if there will be noise, then this Baba will have a sense of humor. He felt that Baba is not a fakir man, he is a mad man.

After sometime the drums stopped playing and after a while that Babaji finished his work and met Raja Saheb. With folded hands he went to the king and said to the king – welcome to our ashram, let us give you cold water.

The king was furious on hearing the fakir’s words. And where are you talking about this water vani? , I’m waiting for you, you’re making me wait? I came here to get knowledge but if it is a matter of knowledge then leave you have insulted me. Means you are doing such a small work, you have only been a pit yourself? What great work are you doing?

Hearing the anger of the king, Fakir Baba said that son, which work is big and which work is small, let the above know. I consider the above to be very big and very important. And there is the matter of knowledge and I have already given it to you.


Hearing the words of the fakir – curiosity arose in the mind of the king that where did he give knowledge? Now our talk has just started and Babaji is saying that he has already given knowledge? In what way have they given me knowledge? To know this, many questions started arising in his mind.

After that the king calmed down a bit and calmly asked Baba ji – Babaji did not understand that you were digging a pit, I did not talk to you, I was waiting outside your ashram. And you are saying that you have given me knowledge, what kind of knowledge did you give me?

That Fakir Baba replied that you should listen carefully – son when I was digging the pit. It seemed to you that I was myself but it seemed to you but I was not thinking of the pit. Rather, the process of digging the pit was already done.

I was not going to work there, the action that I did myself was going on automatically. I was so engrossed in that work that I did not hear the voice of any of your soldiers, nor did I hear the sound of any drum or drum. I was just going about my work. I was digging the pit and I did not find it until the work was completed .

When my work was done then I saw you and got your attention. After that I want to meet you.

That day that mystic Baba taught that king a great thing about life, what is concentration? Many people make many goals, many targets, and think that we will achieve the target but are unable to do it, do you know why?

Because you are a worker but do not do that work properly i.e. you would have been working but that action is not from you. Your concentration, your mind is not there.

Whatever work you are doing, whatever goal you are targeting in life, live

Do it with all your heart, do it with full passion, that thing will come to you automatically and the thing is to do that work, before doing that work, you should think about one thing that you are enjoying that work. That’s not coming.

Rj Kartik Story in english will say that, do the work of your choice, make a target of your choice, and to achieve it, with full passion, with all your heart, bring the concentration that Fakir Baba was trying to find that pit. . You will no longer be a worker, you will become a verb

, By the way Rj Kartik Story in english By doing just one word, show that the world wants to do something like you.

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