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Today I am going to tell the Apollo, which is the root of the highest level of existence similar word materialistic, which is the foundation on which you can erect any number of buildings. We are going to know about him with details through this post of today.

There is a book autobiography of yogi, in this book there are different experiences of Indian Paramahas Parmanand ji. There is an experience in which it is telling about a yogi who can keep his body in place at a time and there is one who can fly in the air. In this book there is no talk of a yogi, it has given information about many yogis who can go inside and read your mind.

This means that by going inside your mind, you can read whatever thoughts are going on inside you and by reading, you can tell what is actually going on in your mind. How strange it is feeling, how can someone go inside our mind and read our thoughts.

What is the secret of the universe

To tell the truth, even you people will not be able to believe it. So to understand this, I am telling you a small story (what is the secret of the universe) if you understand this story, then you can go ahead in your field.

A fish was swimming in the sea, it came to some well while swimming. And came and said to the frog that do you know how much the sea has grown.

So the frog that was there said – No, I don’t know.

So the fish said it has grown a lot. Spreading both of them to the frog said – is it so big? The frog put its whole life in spreading both the hands and then said so big.

The fish said – no no, it increases even more that how can I explain to you.

Then the frog said – This wall would be bigger than the wall that is visible (to one wall of the well and to the other wall showing hands).

Take the fish then said no, it is bigger than this. Now finally the frog said that you are lying because there is nothing in front of it (in front of the wall).

It means the frog is also telling the truth and the fish is also telling the truth.

What the frog has to do – The frog has to open its mind for a while and just look inside the mind. Frog thinking: It is that the fish is speaking together, maybe the fish is telling the truth. Then there is a chance that he will go to the sea or else he will remain in the well for the rest of his life.

I am saying this, you believe that I am saying this is all true and all this is possible and millions of people like me who are saying that all this is possible. If all of you have learned that it may be true, what is the difference between you and other people?

There is a difference what they are able to do and they are not able to do.

So this is also a good example (The Biggest Secret Of The Universe) – Suppose there are two children in a school, one child studies for 6 hours a day and the other reads for 2 hours a day. Both give exams at the end of the year. When the result of both comes, the boy with 6 hours gets 70 percent marks, the boy with 2 hours brings 98% marks and that boy tops the whole school. And there are many people who have done this, you will find them in every field.

Another example is (what are the secrets of the universe) Kapil Sharma (Indian Cinema Comedy) and what is the difference between the thousands of comedy shows?
I would say that there is a small difference. What is there in Kapil Sharma’s show that thousands of comedians are unable to find shows and thousands of comedians want to move forward but they are not able to grow. There must be some reason or the other. What could be the reason?

You will say that observation, concentration, are focused, this is what you will say but all these things are there but today’s post has been written about The Biggest Secret Of The Universe i.e. some secrets about which you probably know but you can not tell all. Is .

You must be wondering what is the word and that is awareness (awareness) if seen in these people then what is the difference. The only difference is that they are aware of each other (how to improve self awareness).

If you are a shooter who wins gold medal and silver medal in any Olympic sport, then it comes to awareness (increase self awareness). That a man aiming there for a few seconds, if he distracted or cut off that dot in nano seconds of a few seconds, then he went. If the attention is not diverted at all and not cut at all, then he has won.

That is why it is said that those who have more awareness (increase self awareness) in the Olympic Games bring gold medals. At that time the focus of his meditation awareness (situation awareness) is so high, so high that all the attention, all the attention of the world comes in that dot. To such an extent awareness increases and without awareness (how to improve self awareness) all this is not possible.

What is the difference between you and me? Someone’s awareness level (how to improve self awareness) is less for some, more for some and very much for some people. The more there is, the more the possibility is for him, he will put his hand in any work, not just in one work, he will become successful. Can learn any work very quickly, can go far ahead in any work.

Now a simple question arises that if this thing is so important then why these things are not done about it in school, in college, in our homes, with friends when this thing is a basis. of a class  There are 60 students inside, even in their house it is being said, read, study, meditate, study with meditation (secrets of the universe)? Why is no one able to tell how to meditate (The Biggest Secret Of The Universe).

How to Meditate (The Biggest Secret Of The Universe)

First of all, we will have to understand that in how many places the attention of a youth is lost, then how to bring it to one place. It is an art in itself, a science in itself and the one who understood this art and science understood the world.

After increasing it, when you reach the high level, this is the stag when it is in your hands. You can stop your attention whenever you want, for as long as you want, in whatever you want. He can withdraw his meditation whenever, wherever, whenever and wherever he wants. Can be removed and brought somewhere else. Now it is in your hands, you stop it for an hour, stop it for a day.

Think if you can do it or other people can do it then there is no such thing in the world which is possible or difficult. Every Thing Is Possible Every task is possible.

Where was the attention given? (The Biggest Secret Of The Universe)

If seen, then the tradition of the Guru-shishya was the tradition of the Gurukul of the old times. The disciple had to leave his home and after coming he lived in the Gurukul. He used to stay in Gurukul so that his attention does not wander here and there. Inside that gurukul, all the focus of the guru was on one thing that in which way he should increase the attention of the disciples and not the knowledge.

Knowledge is temporary How many of the things you learned in school today do you remember. If you think that at that time there would have been a parade that would have been told about the method of increasing meditation, in which your attention was increased, your awareness was increased, then today you would have traveled from what to where.

How to increase awareness? (universe secret)

It is very easy to do this, you can do it anywhere. You can do this for 24 hours but it has to be worked in 3 steps / 3 levels.

The first level is the first level, that is the body. The activities of the body that you are doing. His and awareness  are directly linked. For example, you can sit all day watching TV and watch in the evening to see how much your awareness level will be. How would you be able to understand?

You do not have to do anything for that, you have to be active throughout the day. Do not be too much activity, and do not cry even less activity, but be active throughout the day to see how your awareness level will be at that time. This is not rocket science either.

To stay active, now you have to bring it into action. The more our body is in action, the more the awareness level will increase.

Now the matter arises that how to bring the action to the body? (how to improve self awareness)

There are thousands of ways to bring the body into action, but I will not be able to tell thousands of ways but let me tell you some ways :-

1. Oil Puling  (how to improve self awareness)

This is a tactic that you can also do through Google. It started with Ayurveda from India and people are adopting it all over the world, but the people of India know very little about this method.

Method – Get up early in the morning and keep the match oil kept in the mirror in your mouth. Without brushing, without washing your face. And keep it in the mouth and keep rinsing for 15 minutes, after that spit.

What will happen with this? This will benefit you in at least thousands of your diseases. Your entire digestive system gets cured.

Oil pulling will make your body’s laziness disappear within 15 minutes. Not that these are fake things. This is completely practical. But the question is, what is the root of it? When we wake up at night, there are thousands of toxins in our body because nowadays most people sleep late at night, sleep exhausted and then wake up late in the morning. So the awareness level remains low.

If you want to get up early in the morning, then you have to increase awareness level and how it will increase by oil pulling. Because due to oil pulling, all the toxins disappeared due to which your energy level will be high, awareness level will also increase.

As the awareness level increases or after oil pulling, stretching, yoga (light light), push ups, chinup, light pull work, climbing stairs, going for a walk in the park, household chores makes the body a little more active. The awareness increases. You should do all this for 20 to 25 minutes, no more and no less.

If you do not activate your body in the morning then you will not be able to do it. This only is the main base, the main root. This means that the body which I am talking about to bring into action, why they are not coming because when we wake up in the morning, at that time we are full of laziness and that laziness takes hold of us and gradually we were the same laziness throughout the day. remains.

This is a simple idea, which anyone can do if they want to do it, if they want to do it then they want to do it. This thing has been proved by science, if you do one hour of continuous exercise and do the same thing 10 times a day for 5 minutes, then it will be more beneficial.

2 . Mind Level – (how to improve self awareness )

The level of mind is very simple. The mind that is there, it changes its path at a time and runs to ten places. The one who gave you the example earlier, there are two children in a school, one studies for 2 hours and the other for 10 hours.

reads. The one who studies for 10 hours does many things along with studies while the one who studies for 2 hours only studies for 2 hours without any work.

What is multitasking? (how to increase awareness level)

To do many things at the same time at the same time, as if we have 10 tasks, then do that 10 work together, rather under multitasking it is that after completing one task, then completing the other work. After completing the second task, the third and thus starting the second task after the completion of one task, is called multitasking. And when we are doing multitasking, after doing one task, we do not think about the previous work or the next task, it is called multitasking.

What connects mind and body is our breath and it is the breath that connects our body and mind together. If the breath stops, then both the mind and the body will separate. To control these breaths, that is, to control the mind, tools will be needed in the beginning.

If you want to control the mind like this, then there will be no such control. You are trying to control the mind which is most powerful. Some tool will be needed to control it. Mind is like a monkey which runs away in many places in a minute. And sometimes it goes to such a place that one thought has no connection with another thought. Right now we are thinking about business, immediately about studies, immediately about family, that is, our mind does not stay in one place.

And to stop it, we need a tool by which we can control the mind. Who are these tools, those tools are your breath. Take a deep breath before doing any work. EXAMPLE – If you are going to climb the stairs and move your meditation away and put it in the stairs.

Whatever is in it, you put your attention in climbing the side. How simple is it and how difficult is it to do? It is very easy if we want to do it. The tools you get while climbing the stairs are your breath and the more tools you have, the better. The more our attention (how to increase awareness level) wanders, those tools will remind us.

If we don’t have the tools, we can’t do it. Even if we want to do it, still we will not be able to do without tools. And until you see it using it, our mind will keep wandering here and there.

For tools, you can put star marks on the walls, wear bands in your hands, make tattoos. After seeing all these things again and again, these things will start to be remembered. That is, this band, tattoo, star mark will serve to remind you, when you will forget.

What is the biggest distraction? (how to increase awareness level)

The Biggest Secret Of The Universe
The Biggest Secret Of The Universe

There are mobiles, internet, etc. which work to distract our attention (how to increase awareness level). It distracts due to the wrong use of mobile, whereas it is a tool that we can save our attention from distraction by setting reminders every hour. The one who was taking your life towards darkness will take you towards brightness.

Think about which tools you are using where. All the successful people you will see are doing that with some tool or the other.

All these things have to be kept in mind and the more you keep it in mind, the more the awareness (increase awareness level) will go on increasing. Thinking while eating, Eating while running, Running while mitting

If you will see that in every work of life, there is a need for awareness (how to increase self awareness) in the moment. People are talking about whatever the race is, whether it is in studies, whether it is to move forward in life, whether it is in business, whether it is in a job, awareness in all these places (how to increase self awareness) ) is needed. People do not understand that the fight lasts for a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, but its preparation is going on for years, two years.

You can increase your meditation in this way, there is no limit to it, you can take it anywhere. Do not think that what I have to do, then you will get stuck because if you do not see, then you will leave by not happening. Whatever level you are today, raise it a little bit, increase it a little bit, increase it a little, you will come to that level when you will have complete control in your body, in your mind, in your thoughts and then whatever you want will happen And you can do it.

The thing also has to catch the thought, you will have to drop it, you will have to drop it, then you will do what is good for others. You will not be able to do anything bad even if you want to. Meaning it will not only benefit you, everyone will benefit, the whole world will be benefited.

Awareness (increase self awareness) spreads. If my awareness increases, not only mine has increased, through me more people are increasing and through them reaches other people.

3. Soule – (how to improve self awareness)

One way is meditation and there is no other way. Whatever is the work of the mind, all that is out of the body.

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