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Story of Elisha and Samaria || The Good Samaritan Short Story

Welcome to the Bible Story Vlog Post. He is going to tell about the incident that happened in Samaria, Israel. You will get to see them from 24 verses of 6 chapters to 28 verses of 7 chapters of 2 Kings 6:24-7:28.

This is a matter of the time when Israel was ruled by Jehoram, the son of Ahap king. Jehoram walked in his father’s house and did the same thing that was very bad in the eyes of Yahua, he was not as bad as his parents, Elisha Being a prophet, he used to work to reach the messages of the prophet to the people of Israel.

He did many miracles and predictions among the people of Israel. And for many years he continued to serve God by being a prophet. While ruling here, the king of Aram besieged the city of Samaria from Kos Horo side.

Then it happened that there was a great famine in Samaria. The king of Aram had surrounded Samaria on all sides, neither could they go anywhere nor could anyone enter that city, due to which there was no supply of food in that kingdom, nor In that state, there was no import of food items. Due to the famine, the prices of food items started increasing there.

Not only this, there was such an incident which was heart-wrenching, it was decided amongst two women that if first one woman’s son is killed and eaten, when he is finished, then the other woman will eat her son after death. But when it came to cooking and eating another woman’s daughter, she refused.

When the king of Israel came to know about this, he tore his clothes and started crying and said that if I do not behead Elisha, God should do the same to me and more.

The king said this to Elishal because he thought that if God is born among us, then he will get us out of this trouble, but when he heard that the people of the city were eating the flesh of their own children, they were furious. . He could not believe his ears, which never till today, how he has become in his kingdom today.

Let me tell you one thing that God has never asked for human sacrifice. Whatever those women did was a terrible sin.

And hearing this, the king decided that he would get Elisha killed.

When Elisha was sitting with Purio in his house, the king sent a messenger from him to Elisha. Elishal told the priests that the son of this murderer has sent him to behead me, so when that messenger comes, close the door and stay in the door.

While Elisha was talking to his elders, some people came and stood in front of Elisha’s house with the king’s message and started saying – King Yu says that this calamity is from Jehovah and why am I talking about Jehovah. Why keep saying

Then Elisha replied to them that go and tell the king that tomorrow at the same time 7 kg of flour will be available in one skeel and 14 kg of barley in one skeel at the gate of power. Means what Elisha said was that tomorrow at this time food and drink will be available at very cheap prices.

Then among those who had come with the king’s message, there was also a chieftain on whose hand the king used to use a pillow, he replied to Elisha and said – that this can happen even if he opens the windows of the sky.

Elisha told him – listen, you will see all this with your own eyes, but you will not be able to eat any of that food.

That chieftain did not have the slightest confidence in the words of the servant of God, he thought that we are surrounded on all sides, neither one can come inside the city nor one can go outside the city If so, how can it be like this? That’s why he tells Elisha – even if he opens the windows of the sky, it cannot happen.

This chieftain did not believe the prophecy of Jehovah. He believed in what he saw before his eyes and all he could see was that the people of comfort surrounded us from all sides and which we could not compete with. He did not believe that God can do anything in a moment. And this unbelief of them causes his death because Elisha had told him that you will surely see all this with your own eyes but will not be able to eat any of that grain.

This is a warning to us that we should never become distrustful in the words of God. Even if negative things are happening all around us, everything seems difficult or impossible but then we have to have faith in the promises of God. We should not become like a chief who did not trust the word of Jehovah at all, but we have to maintain our faith in such a way that we cannot see anything ahead, only then we have to believe that God has done everything for us Is .

Such a belief can be seen in nothing but the same faith pleases God.

Then the Samaritans used to sit four lepers outside the city gate. They started thinking among themselves and said – why should we die while sitting here. If we go to the city, then we have to die there and if we sit here we have to die, so come let us go to the army of araam, if they keep us alive then it is good. Even if he kills us, we have to die.

Then those four lepers went out in the evening to go to the Shravani of aaram. When he reached near, he saw that there was no one there because God made the army of Aram fear chariots and horses.

Due to which he started saying that the king of Israel has called the kings of Hitiv and Egypt to the country to attack us, so the people of the army of Aram leave everything they had brought after conquering other cities. ran away.

When they reached near the tents of the leper camp, they entered the tents and ate and drank and hid them by taking away the gold, silver and clothes. When those people went to the other camp, they did the same thing but they all started saying among themselves that what we are doing is right? , that it is news of joy that the army of Aram has fled.

But we do not tell this to anyone, if we stay like this till the state, then we will get punished, so come we go to the king and tell the king. After considering this, they went to the four lepers of the city and called the watchmen of the city and told them everything – that when we went to the camp of Aram, we did not find anyone there and only there are horses and donkeys and their The camp is like that.

Then those watchmen went to the king’s house and gave this news to the king.

Friends, here we learn from these four lepers that these people were suffering from leprosy and according to the system, these lepers used to live outside the city. At the time of famine, these people were just waiting for their death. Even if he went inside the city, he would have died and even if he lived there, he had to die, but we see that he took a decision that changed his life.

That decision not only saved their lives but also the lives of the people living in the city were saved due to this decision and their decision was to go to the camp. He knew that he was to die no matter what, but he thought that if he went to the camp of Aram, if they showed mercy to him, he would hardly survive. They take their life in the palm and go to the camp of Aram, then they get no one there, but they get so much food and many things which they never thought about them.

In the same way, we were also afflicted by the leprosy of sin. The Bible tells us that we were near death with no hope of survival but God made arrangements for us by losing His only Son and our one decision can save our lives and that decision is to come to Jesus. Friends, when Jam God comes to Ishu, he frees us from all our burdens, removes our sin-like leprosy, gives us new life and fills our life with heavenly Asis.

There was another thing in the lepers when they did not find anyone in the camp and they were having food there and they thought that why they should not tell this news to others who are starving, eating the flesh of children. . So these lepers take the news that the army has left everything and reaches the townspeople and reaches the king, in the same way we have to learn that our lives are saved and we have got life, so this joy and blessing will reach to ourselves. Not only do we have to be ashamed, we have recognized this morning news even to other people.

Those who are dying in sin, those who have no hope of living and those who are near death, so that what we have got so that we can reach them to others and that life too can be saved.

Just like lepers, the news of joy has to be conveyed to others.

When it reached the king that Aram had fled, the king felt that perhaps it was Aram that the army had some trick so that they could enter the city, so he gets two chariots ready and tells his servants to go and see. Come and see that the army of aram is not sitting for an ambush.

Those workers take the chariot and go to the Jordan River, they see that clothes and gold and silver items are lying on the way, which had left the army in a hurry.

Those servants came and told the king what they had seen, then the people of the city robbed the tents of the army. As God’s prophet Elisha had said that 7 kg of flour in one sack and 14 kg of barley also started being sold in a skeel to those Jew and the king appointed the chieftain in whose hand he used to make a pillow as the official of the gate. Then she died in the crowd of people who were going out of the city that she was buried in her feet.

It was also because of the word of God that Ishu had spoken through Elisha because the chief made a mockery of God’s word that he could not eat any of that grain. If we also make fun of the word of God by saying that it cannot happen, then we insult God and we are punished for it, so we have to be careful about the word of God so that we never fall into sin and Nor did the wrath of God come upon us.

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