5 The Sad Peacock Story || Peacock Story || Peacock Fable

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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in this blog post of ours, friends, through this blog post today, we have come to you with many stories of sad peacock, which will definitely give you work somewhere in life.
All these stories are moral stories which are based on the story of sad peacock, which teaches us something or the other.
Friends, you will find this story interesting to read and will give you pleasure, then read this story completely.

Some Things That Can Be Done On The Peacock

Their feathers are very beautiful, which are beautiful and soft like a velvet cloth. Their eyes are small, which adds to its beauty. The color of the peacock’s throat is blue as well as a feather on its head. There is crest. Their wings are golden in color and up to 1 meter long. The peacock’s voice is very hoarse, which is heard for 2 to 3 kilometers. They have small petals in their plumage. The lifespan of a peacock is from 20 to 25 years. When it rains, peacocks are very happy and spread their wings and dance. When a natural calamity is about to come, the peacock is already aware.

Peacocks are omnivores, who like to take all kinds of food in their food. Including fruits, vegetables, gram, wheat, millet and corn, and peacocks also eat harmful insects, rats, termites, lizards and snakes in the fields.
There are three species of peacock found all over the world. In which the species found in India is the most beautiful species. The female peacock lays eggs twice a year and lays her eggs in the ground by digging holes in the ground.

1 . one sad (Sad Peacock Story )

Once upon a time there was a peacock which was very beautiful, its feathers were very attractive and beautiful to look at .

He was admiring his beauty in the rain water, but suddenly his attention shifted to his voice, his voice was very harsh and disharmonious. As soon as he realized this, he became very sad and started crying there thinking of this.

Then all of a sudden he heard the voice of a cuckoo sitting on the branch of a tree and making its sweet sound. On hearing the cuckoo’s voice, the peacock felt further reduction in his voice. And in his mind, he started asking himself that God has made his form beautiful, but why has made his voice distorted.

Then a goddess appeared nearby and asked Peacock – why are you sad?

The peacock told the goddess about his harsh voice with his harsh voice and asked why the cuckoo’s voice is so sweet and why is my voice so thick and ugly? And that’s why I am very sad because of my voice

The Goddess who appeared after listening to the peacock explained to him that every living being is special for its identity, God has made every creature different and has made them and their work for a particular work like you have a lot. You have given beautiful wings, your beauty is very beautiful, in the same way you have given strength to the lion and the cuckoo has provided sweet voice.

We should kill the salvation given by God and we should be satisfied with what we have.

After listening to Pragati Devi, the peacock understood that the voice should not be compared, but its works should be compared to its skills and it should be removed. Peacock understood that every person, every animal and bird is unique for some or the other thing.

We learn from this short story– (peacock stories)- Accepting yourself is the first step to accept what you have instead of feeling sad for what you don’t have.

2 . peacock and crow (Peacock Story) || Crow and Peacock Story Writing

Once upon a time there lived a crow in a forest. He used to feel very much ashamed of his dark complexion, he always wondered why God made him so black.

I do not like at all how good this black color would be if my wings were also so colorful he was thinking all this in his mind.

One day he was talking with his friends – that we all look so ugly , look at the other birds how beautiful he looks .

One of the crows said – Why do you think that God should be satisfied with the color given by him, we should not be ashamed of our black color, but we should take pride in our black colour.

After listening to the second crow, the first crow said – Ever seen the feather of a peacock, how many are there in their feather, how beautiful it looks, I wish I too had wings like a peacock.

The second peacock said – Don’t be jealous of seeing the wings of others, jealousy is a bad thing and you can never become like a peacock. ,

Hearing this, the crow went there and after some time he saw peacock feathers on the way. When the peacock’s wings were shown, he became very happy. He got down. If he starts looking around and no one around him was showing him, then he thinks of wearing that peacock feather in his feather.

And decides to become like a peacock, he immediately covers all the peacock feathers on his black feathers and reaches the peacock flock in the nearby peacock herd thinking himself to be a peacock.

Going to the peacock and asking the crow to come – would you like to be friends with me?

One of them asked the peacock – who are you? Have you ever seen this forest before?

The crow said – I am new in this forest, I have just come here, will you be friends with me?

Mayur said ok. From today you are our friend now.

The crow was feeling very happy thinking that the peacock had mistook her as a peacock. And the crow was very happy to find itself in the flock of peacocks.

In such a situation, in a few moments, Cham Cham Cham Cham rain started. Seeing the rain, the hearts of all the peacocks were filled with joy and spread their wings and started singing. And spread his wings and started dancing.

The crow also started dancing like a peacock spreading its wings and singing like it, but the voice of the crow would be like that of the crow, started waving loudly.

The whole peacock came to know from the voice that he is not a peacock, he is wearing his feather and he is a crow.

One of them said the peacock – it is the crow who is thinking of himself as a peacock by putting on the feather of the peacock, kill him? All the peacocks together beat the crow vigorously, due to which all the crow’s feathers came out. And drove him away from there.

What would the crow do then, after being sad, he came back to live with his friends with a sad mind.

One of the crows said that look who has come – it is a peacock, it is a peacock (crow with peacock feathers), you had to become a peacock, but we are all ugly, you are very beautiful, you are not our friend.

And by doing this all those crows (crow with peacock feathers) together drove him away from there.

Sadly, the crow left from there and made that crow all alone.

From this story –  (crow and peacock story writing), we learn that whatever God has given us, whatever has been made for us, we are fine as we have enhanced our appearance. We should be proud of our appearance because every human being or animal, bird, whatever it comes, nature has sent it to the earth for a particular work, it works according to it.

The Sad Peacock Story || Peacock Story || Peacock Fable
The Sad Peacock Story || Peacock Story || Peacock Fable

If we pay more attention to this body, then we will definitely go astray somewhere, but from this story (the crow and the peacock), we learn that we should not be proud of our body, we should focus on our deeds.

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