What Are The Best Romance Books on Wattpad? | 8 Books

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There are many romance novels on Wattpad, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best as opinions on literature are subjective. That being said, some romance novels on Wattpad that have received positive reviews and have a large number of reads include:

  • “The Bad Boy’s Girl” by Blair Holden
  • “The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me” by Slim_Shady
  • “Love, Unscripted” by Owen Nicholls
  • “The Bad Boy, The Nerd, and The Sassy Girl” by iWrite
  • “The Bad Boy’s Baby” by Blair Holden
  • “Love, Life, and the List” by Kasie West
  • “Love, Unrequited” by Owen Nicholls
  • “Love and Misadventure” by Lang Leav

I recommend giving these novels a try and seeing if you enjoy them. If you’re looking for more recommendations, you could try searching for romance novels on Wattpad that have high ratings and a large number of reads.

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