what is the law of attraction || law of attraction techniques

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Gratitude journal (Gratitude magazine) In it we write what happened with us throughout the day, what happened, did you like it, we write all these things.

This is a very effective tool. In which you can maintain your journal on daily basis, write daily before sleeping at night so that you can go into gratitude zone. Basically it happens that when we are working in the gratitude journal, then we have to enter the gratitude zone at night and high energy while taking action in the morning. So that you can get energy to do whatever you want to do during the day.

What is the gratitude zone?
What makes you feel good. If you sleep well, then you will do good work the next day. Morning should be energetic and night time peaceful.

what is the law of attraction ?

What is the low of attraction valid subject and conditions and what is its status. Like it happens in everything. In low of attraction, everything is wrong and everything is right. It defines how you are viewing it for what purpose. Nothing is right in the Absolute and nothing is wrong in the Absolute.

The problem with all of us is that our brain runs in binary. Binary means true and false. I am not saying that flame of attraction does not work. I am not saying what people are saying as you are thinking. There is a whole lot of science behind low of attraction.

Behind this science, he works as if there is any vehicle. I am not saying that this car does not run. That car runs, if you put fuel in that car, it will run. What am I saying that it does not fly.

The plane flies, this car does not fly. If you are thinking and keeping it with the hope that it will fly away, even if you put visualization in it and see that the car will not fly.

The whole system inside and outside that car will have to be changed, then that car will fly.

what is low of attraction and how it works.

What is the low of attraction, normally whatever you think from morning to evening, then the mind starts moving in that direction. Those things start manifesting inside your body but it does not happen externally (from outside).

Understand the difference between the two – if you sit in one place and keep thinking that food will come to me after walking. If you keep thinking till one thousand or even one lakh, it will not come. If this were the case, then the child who is suffering from hunger would come to him with food himself because he is only thinking about eating.

If you put it in the base of your body then it definitely (of course) works. That is, whatever you think psychologically, it starts manifesting inside your body. If you keep thinking inside that I don’t get sick, if I don’t get sick then you will.

Why would you get sick because there will be changes in your breeding? Your body functions will not be able to work properly. This is called stress, that problem will start manifesting inside the body.

But if you sit in the same place and keep thinking about anything. i need that much money?
Will the money come to you on its own? That doesn’t happen at all. What will happen if you say that I want crores of rupees, you visualize that I have got one crore rupees. He has got a house attached to him, a car has arrived.

As it shows the low of attraction in which you just have to think, believe, hope from this universe and that universe will give, it doesn’t happen at all.

How does low of attraction work?

You are thinking that I want one crore, want one crore. Now what will the mind do, there will be a way out. Now there will be two things first that if you are capable to walk on that road or secondly whether you are or not to walk in that path.

If you do not get one crore by asking for money, you have to be capable for that.

For Example – If you go for job interview in any place. Boss will ask how much salary do you expect. You said that you expect around 10 lakh rupees per month. Boss saw your resume, saw everything, understood what you have done. Then it was told in the boss that he can give you only 50 thousand rupees a month. So what happened that what you asked for did not happen in the base. Whatever is your real qualification, education, background, experience, you will not get it.

Rather, if you ask for more than you need, then you may also get stuck, maybe you would have got that job, if you had asked for reasonable, but you asked for so much. So the person in front said that if you leave this in a different world, then leave them.

Second is whether you are eligible for that 1 crore or not. If you are eligible then why are you asking like beggars. If he deserves, he himself will get it. So what is the need of low of attraction for this.

If you are not qualified as much as you keep saying in your mind that I may get 1 crore, I should get 1 crore. So now the thought will not come in your mind. A thought will keep running in your mind that you can get 1 crore from anywhere. This is the power to speak, the power to think.

If you are thinking this for 24 hours, now in such a situation if a person comes near you, he will say what you want. So you must be seeing in your eyes that you want 1 crore. And  He will say that you will have to do this. You will get one crore.

Now his interest is like whether you get 1 crore or in getting your work done. Whether that work is right or wrong. Here too two things will happen – firstly, either that work will make you a criminal, it may be illegal, even then you will probably do it because the thought has increased a lot in you.

There are two types of desire – the first is to make oneself worthy. Second – to ask for something.

And it is the desire to ask, this makes a man a criminal, this makes a beggar, this forces a man to find shortcuts.
The second desire is there to make yourself worthy, but you do not read to ask for it, you get much more than that.

If you have a desire to ask for something, then you will become a criminal and you will be trapped by going nowhere. Second, a man comes and says that no work is illegal, everything is legal, you don’t need one crore. In the next one year you will get it in two years. All you have to do is join our company, pay so much money and everything you want will come true. So in whose hands is your door now?

This desire is in his hands because you have practiced thinking, it has become so dominant that you do not have any other thoughts inside you. Your thoughts have been concentrated. You want that at any cost.

It is very easy to control a person in whom desire has become too much.

law of attraction techniques

1 . Right Thinking or positive Thinking

The first is that you do not need to speak in reverse because what will happen will change so much psychometric at the level of your body. The more you think psychologically, the more it will manifest itself in the level of the body. Because it is not a direct effect. Whatever you think will start happening at the level of the body, then if you want to think, then think of something good. As I am healthy, I am healthy.

If you want to lie a little, then tell if you are a little sick, then think that I am healthy, I am healthy. If you think I am sick, you will not be able to deal with it at all and you will get sick.

That is, whatever words you use in your mind, which we call thoughts, whatever is inside you, whether it is morning or evening, when you want to speak, say something good, listen well, look good, think well.

2 . What is good and bad?

Well it means that the one who is making you peaceful, making you yoga, improving your knowledge, skill, experience, all that is good but whatever is making you sleepy.

This is a dream of 10 million, which gives good night’s sleep or sleep of the night is lost, because of this desire (desire) is not good. what is good Desire (desire) to do and the other is desire (desire) to get (desire) so I say create desire (desire) within yourself. I have to do this, I have to do this, I have to make myself like this, now I am in this level, I have to go to this level, I have to increase the skills, increase the experience etc. etc.

Or the other is the desire to get like I want some big car and you keep thinking about it. This is what the advertisers want, when you are thinking about a car, to get the low of attraction, then you will see the ad of that car as well as see 0 percent interest on EMI. So you will say that this is a very good car, I can take it.

Now you have the right not to take that car, but to go and bring it.

If you can visualize with your eyes closed, then why does the whole thing appear negative ?

what is the law of attraction || law of attraction techniques
what is the law of attraction || law of attraction techniques

After reading it from somewhere in the middle, after hearing it from somewhere with visualization, you will start thinking that I am very healthy, this is a thing to go in the stream. Is ? So what do you have to do – it is wrong to think about what is not there. If you want to do visualization, then do it that I will be in this level in the future in the coming time or after so many years and I am there for you to work, study, do everything for this. So it all became real.

Visualization is unreal like if I go on the road and I won’t get traffic. Oh what’s wrong with my thinking? Because of our thinking, the traffic will not be more or less. As much as there is traffic, it will remain in the road. Now you have to think, what to think that I am running out of time, but if seen here,

then there is no need of low of attraction. So planning is needed here. Wherever you have to go, you leave on time, even if you get traffic, then look from Google Map, even after this you are running with some margin so that if you are walking in time, then low of attraction is not working in it.

As it is, everything is not needed everywhere, as you cannot drive a car in the sea. The car drives on the roads only. So if you drive a car in the sea and say that the car sank. First understand what is going on in which.

The way to fix this is to respect yourself look good, listen well, say well, read well. Well what – whatever makes you a better person. Look at this body as a machine, what increases the capacity of this device or which can increase such thoughts, they are all good.

Whoever compels you to ask, whatever it is Makes you expect, unreal stick, all that is wrong idea.

There is a person who neither sleeps peacefully nor allows others to sleep peacefully. Such a man is dangerous for the whole world, who is very greedy, that is, who is ready to harm someone else for his own benefit, then do not plant such desire inside your mind, do not plant things. If you increase your ability, then you will get where you go with this thing, you will not have to ask for it. You do not get it by asking, you get it by making yourself capable in this universe.

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